Tourism Destination In Lombok Which Really Worth To See

If you go to Bali and have to spend more time to do the holiday or traveling things, going to Lombok maybe a great decision. There is a lot of tourism destination in Lombok. Here is some example of them.

1. Gili Tour

Around Lombok, you can see some island which people there called Gili. They are Gili Air, Trawangan and Meno.

To get in there you can use a boat from us. So you can just come to Bali and look for the ticket to go to those islands.

Gili Air serves privation for you who wants to have some relax time alone or just with a special person only. This island is far from the crowd and gives the tourist a new experience of seeing a beautiful place with a local citizen in it.

While Gili Meno can give you an opportunity to see the sea turtle or penyu. Here you can see them swimming in Gili Meno Wall.

Then Gili Trawangan is the most crowd place between the other Gili. Here there is a lot of hotel and restaurant just like a little Bali.

In that Gili, you can’t use a motorcycle. So you need to walk or riding traditional transportation there.

2. Beach

You can see more than just a beach in Lombok. There is some beautiful beach you can visit. Still, in Lombok, you can see Kuta Beach Lombok.

Not far from that beautiful beach, you can go to Tanjung Aan beach. There also a pink beach that has an incredible view.

This beach has pink and you will hard to find a beach like this. Even the beach is not far from sand, water, and wind, every beach here has its own uniqueness. You have to come here to know that the beach is different and has its own beauty.

3. Waterfall

If you are bored with the beach, a waterfall can be the next destination you want to see. Lombok has a lot of beautiful waterfalls.

For example, Tiu Kelep in Lombok Utara. It only took 2 and a half hour to go there from Mataram. Tiu Kelep’s high is almost 45 meters. So this is a really big waterfall.

Then, there is Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu waterfall in central Lombok. It’s about a half hour from Senggigi, which is a famous tourism destination in Lombok.

So if you want to go there from Bali, you can buy the Bali Eka Jaya boat ticket then head to Senggigi. From there, you can use public transportation or rent a motor to see the waterfall.

4. Snorkeling

Another great experience is doing snorkeling. This is a basic thing to do if a tourist comes to Lombok.

The beauty is not only above the water but also below. There you can see a lot of colorful fish, reef, sea turtle, and many incredible sea creatures.

Maybe if you are lucky, you can meet Manta or another rare sea animal. Snorkeling doesn’t need special skills. If you can swim and bring snorkeling tools, then you can do this activity.

Lombok has many things to see. There are so many tourism destination in Lombok. Not only the beach or resorts. But the richness of this land will give the tourist a new awesome traveling experience.