The Best Time to Visit Indonesia

Are you planning to escape Winter time? The climate of Indonesia is almost entirely tropical and perfect to escape cold winter time anytime through the year.

There is no Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons in Indonesia. Seasons here can be split into two – Wet and Dry seasons, depending on which area you will travel, the difference between wet and dry seasons will not be that extreme.

Roughly in most of the country (including Lombok and Bali) the dry season is from May to September, while the wet season is from October to April. However, global warming has made the seasons less predictable.  

Wet season mostly means that the weather will feel more humid, some areas will experience heavy rain usually around February. Weather differs from region to region.

With constant warm temperature and a pretty stable weather, we would say that most times would be a good time for you to visit this beautiful country!

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