Diving in Bali

Discover Bali underwater kingdom and hidden gem beneath the waves. The underwater of Bali offers an incredible variety of dive experience.

Extensive coral reefs in the warm waters around the island, and it’s common to see sharks, turtles, mantas and swarms of tropical fishes. Spectacular dives include drop off walls, shipwreck diving and drift diving. Dive centres in Bali offer both fun dives and PADI-certified open water diving courses and adventures.

Take your breath. Experience the diverse charms of Bali diving pristine sites!

Will it be your first time diving?

How exciting it is to have its first dive in this kind of environment! Learning to dive in Bali has never been more accessible with a large choice of dive shops available. You won’t need to buy or bring any gear. They usually train you first to the gear aspects, safety and whenever you ready your instructor will assist you and bring you to the sea!

Dive centres have instructors who usually speak different language, so quite often they can explain in English, Indonesian, French, Spanish, German etc…. which makes it even easier for you to understand!

For those who already have experience diving, there are so many various options depending the dive shop and of course, so many spots to explore!

Enter the fascinating world of blue & This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to Bali, Nusa islands, Lombok and Gili islands!